Led by Louie, our cute but sarcastic yellow fish, FANAUTICAL is for those who feel that life is not just about surviving; it is about living it to the max. There is something about water that represents freedom, liberation and fun.

Louie's lure is fun, he is always looking for those who are having the ultimate time. When he finds them, he attaches himself to them and travels with them. So if you have "Moor"chandise with Louie on it, it means he has found YOU, so you must be having a blast!

Fanautical appeals to those who push beyond their own comfort zone, as well as those who share an irreverence towards typical societal boundaries.
Louie pushed beyon
d his comfort zone where he was just watching everyone splashing around him. He pushed societal boundaries that restricted him to travel with people, because he was just a fish! That is the freedom we are talking about...find your passion and pursue it, whatever it takes. Laugh and have a blast while you are doing it, otherwise, it is not worth doin'!

Renaming our "Moor"chandise is just a way of demonstrating our belief that sometimes you just have to question whether what society tells you makes
sense. If it makes sense, then dive right in. If it doesn't, .....dive right in and change it! (i.e. Sweat Shirt?? Do you wear them to sweat? No! You wear them to keep warm). Introducing Fanautical's Keep Warm Shirts- make sense? We think so...

Also if you're a fan of the Wicked Tuna Show, come to the store and snag some apparel from some of the shows STARS!

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